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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Flying Aces 2018, Sunday 9th September, Ferry Meadows, Peterborough.

23rd September
Sensible wind speed but a rather damp end to the first day at the Old Warden "Festival of Flight".

Click the PMFC members for some snaps of what was happening.



20th September
Old Warden at the weekend, at present Saturday has the best forecast. "Festival of Flight" is the title of this meeting.

From a non flight point of view don't forget Elaines stall for excellent jams and marmalades as well as cakes. A regular now at both the Nationals as well as Old Warden.

18th September
Current wind strength is more suitable for slope soaring than flat field free flight.
In a recent RCM&E Simon Cocker put in this link to dynamic soaring.
Video explaining dynamic soaring. "The 835kph Sailplane and Dynamic Soaring."

16th September
Just heard that access to Barkston is not possible this weekend and the competition has had to move to another venue. Those intending to go will know who to contact!

Thanks to Mick for the front page photographs taken at this years PMFC Flying Aces.

14th September
Heard from John that that the 7th and 8th Area meetings will be on Barkston. Midland Gala almost certainly at Luffenham.

So its is Barkston on Sunday, with the 8th Area meeting on 14th October and the Midland Gala on Saturday, 27th October.

12th September
Click for the results of the PMFC Free Flight Championship 2018.

John says "The final round of the club contest was played out in almost flat calm conditions under heavy cloud. The Nene Park micro climate did us proud. The Round Five column shows the results on the day, final column shows "best four out of five." Congratulations and thanks to all who took part."

10th September
Click the t/n for some snaps to give an idea of what happened at Flying Aces yesterday.

Don't forget the last of this years PMFC Club Free Flight Competitions at Ferry Meadows tomorrow. See Meetings/Events on the left for full details.

9th September
Bright and blustery for Flying Aces 2018

Click for the results.

7th September
I missed Starloc Adhesives at the Nats this year; click the logo for their web site.



5th September
I have just heard from Karl Huber of the Thermal Thumbers of Metro Atlanta (TTOMA), a club with similar ideas to PMFC. TTOMA are interested in flying in a local country park rather than have a long drive to their larger venue. Karl has been comparing sizes between Ferry Meadows and his home park and looking at the PMFC Flying Aces schedule to see what can be fitted in.

The TTOMA web site is worth a look, (click the club logo). The "Thumbprint" newsletter is a good read.

3rd September
BMFA Buckminster Free Flight Gala. Bright sunshine! A big variety of models flown.

Click the picture for some snaps to give an idea of what was going on.


1st September
Thanks to Mick for his excellent selection of front page "reminders" for Flying Aces, now just over a week away. The "reminders" have been replaced by a quality set of photographs from Free Flight Scale at the 2018 R/C and C/L Nationals.

30th August
Another busy weekend coming up, both Saturday and Sunday there is the Ferry Meadows 40th Anniversary where club members will be running a flying event for children and families on the field. Then Sunday there is the BMFA Buckminster Free Flight Gala - see Meetings/Events on the left for full details.

28th August
Had another look at yesterday and discovered it would find Buckiminster directly, listing it as an "Administrative division, England (United Kingdom)" as well as "Populated place, England (United Kingdom)". (Metcheck.com couldn't find it at all).

Click for some ramblings on "YR" and location findings. - - Also for changes to the PMFC "Weather page"

BMFA Buckminster have their own weather station attached to the chimney of the office/house.
You can get a brief report from the right of their web site front page.

Try here for a comprehensive report via the WeatherLink Network

26th August
Click the picture for some snaps of the action at Barkston yesterday.


Weather beat us at the SF Nats today - both events cancelled.




25th August
Whilst on the BARCS Forum, where the possibility of F3K cancellation tomorrow because of the weather was being discussed, the following popped up:- "Hi All, This may be of interest re the weather reports as I tend to only fly at Buckminster and have found it pretty accurate as it's relevant to the glider club that is just a few miles away". - - - Saltby

I liked the YR layout, plenty of information but presented in a way it was easy to absorb, so I added:-
Then, as a result of a conversation Saturday morning:-

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

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