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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Indoor Flying, Bushfield - directions and details see Meetings/Events on left.

Saturday, 10th February - Sunday, 11th March

Saturday, 10th March BMFA booking 10am-5pm

16th January
I was curious about the Sarik Hobbies advert as I remembered that Sarik Vacform had a connection with Traplet Publications. A check showed that Traplet Publications Ltd were still listed with a web address of www.myhobbystore.co.uk which links with Sarek Hobbies.

12th January
There was a new timer advertised in the freeflight section of the BARCS Bulletin Board. Perhaps a touch large for many of the PMFC models but worth a look.

Click the timer for more information. - - - - Click for the .pdf manual.

No "Latest Updates" until Tuesday 16th January

10th January
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs, these all to do with the Friday evening club meetings this Autumn and Winter.

8th January
I have not mentioned "Sticks and Tissue" for a long time. James Parry continues to do an excellent job. Click for the December edition. Quality content, with interesting adverts at the end. I was particularly taken by the graphic style of the one from Aeronatical Models of York. Click the thumb nail for a larger version.

6th January
Click the autogyros for some snapshots of models flown at Bushfield today.

An enjoyable session when PMFC were pleased to welcome members of other clubs.


4th January
A particularly interesting mailing from Vulcan to the Sky Trust over the Christmas period, including superb photographs and some absorbing background to full size aerodynamics.


2nd January
Dates are filling in nicely for 2018. Check out "Meetings Events" on the left, in particular the SAM links below the calendar.

First two of the year are Peakirk on Friday, with Bushfield on Saturday.

Talking of calendars, click for a .pdf download that can be printed and stuck to form a triangle that sits on top of a computer monitor, that is if you are not using a laptop, phone or tablet.....

31st December
Earlier in the week I received an e-mail from a modeller in India with a query about the Peterborough FET timer. I like this international aspect and as an end of the year round up I made use of the stats offered by Maploco.com (see bottom of this page).
Click for a listing of places from which visitors have viewed the PMFC web site.

29th December
Mighty Atom, 1934 - although is it?

Some interesting comments about this video.



27th December
I had hoped to go the the 'Frostbite Fly In' at Ferry this morning but with a Met Office yellow warning of rain/snow for Peterborough until 11:00 plus winds of 15mph gusting to 30mph....

Click for an interesting piece about Supermarine from the Vulcan to the Sky web site.

Then there is the a rather flash trailer from PlanesTV for their video of RIAT 2017.

25th December
Micks latest batch of front page photographs are all of winners in the 2017 series of club free flight competitions.

Don't forget 'Frostbite Fly In' at Ferry 10 - 1 on Wed 27th Dec.
Indoor at Bushfield on Saturday 6th January.
Then at Buckminster on January 7th there is Retro Control Line Combat.

Keep up to date with the club evenings at Peakirk via the Meetins/Events on the left.

23rd December
Jon spotted this video of scale freeflight from 2017 Nats, some faces you will recognise in this.

Click the picture to start the video.

The January edition of RCSD is available with the usual quality photos and articles about r/c gliding together with general interest of a further article on thermals.

21st December
Thanks to Mick for an excellent photograph on the front page, with seasons greetings to all.

19th December
Chris at Soo Modellers continues to find a wide variety of videos. Click for the latest selection.

My favourite was from the late 1940's at Conningsby. Click the picture for that one.



17th December
BMFA FFTC Free Flight Gala at Buckminster. Click the "sun rise" for some snaps.

Manny Williamson and Mark Benns were there bright and early to welcome people and get things going.

Manny told me that snow had affected last weekends Swapmeet but enough people braved the conditions to make it worthwhile. Good quality goods were on offer, with everyone feeling positive about the event. The next one will be in April.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Tony Beckett - Web Page Manager e-mail


ClustrMaps was first set up in October 2012, in March 2015 their
system stopped working but if you click the icon you will see the
results for that two and a half year period.

I was curious about the accuracy of the free stats programs,
so started both of these on 29th May 2015 and will see if the results coincide.

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