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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Flying Aces 2018, Sunday 9th September, Ferry Meadows, Peterborough.


Peterborough E20 (Ferry 500) - Provisional Rules
Open E20 - Provisional Rules

An E20 Competition for 2018

18th March
I don't think I would actually buy a DVD of an airshow but I do enjoy the trailers issued by Planes TV.

Click the t/n for the video.

Another approach to full size aviation videos is that from Aerocinema in America, click for the trailers of their films on:-

Lightning - - - - - Javelin


16th March
I have had a sort out of the "Plan Suppliers and Magazine Downloads" section in Links on the left. Removed some that were no longer active but feel sure there are others that could be added, so suggestions welcome.

What I hadn't noticed before were the magazine covers shown at RCLibrary, interesting to see the styles change over the years.

The season of Winter meetings at Peakirk comes to an end this evening with a talk by Andy Sephton. It is entitled "A winning formula for scale models."
Outdoors there are the Tuesday and Friday flying sessions at Ferry Meadows, where there is also a Good Friday meeting.

14th March
Jon continues to investigate E20 models, click the canard for the whole web page. There are less extreme examples.....




12th March
An enjoyable finish to the PMFC 2017/2018 Indoor Flying Season yesterday. Although don't forget the meeting on 18th at Impington Village College

Previously Soo Modellers and friends have concentrated on electric powered r/c models for their indoor flying, but this season there has been a growing interest in rubber power free flight.
Click thumbnail for some examples.

10th March
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs. These from the "Bring a Model" club meeting in February.

5th March
Last PMFC indoor flying session of the season on Sunday 11th at Bushfield, with a BMFA scale trimming session on 10th, also at Bushfield. Then on 18th at Impington Village College. Further details in Meetings/Events on the left.

Thanks to Chris Grant for an update to the "zapper" used with FET timers for small electric free flight.

3rd March
"Leading Edge", the March edition of the PMFC club magazine was posted 2nd class on Thursday to those who have the print edition. An e-mail with the download links has just been sent to those who subscribe digitally. The magazine will be available to non-club members in the middle of April.

Thanks to John for the editing and Brian W for the printing.

1st March
Thanks to Stan for the latest "Slipstream".

Click the logo for the download.

Click to see the news that Bryan passed on about Solarfilm, which includes Solartex, closing.

27th February
I keep an eye on Soo Modellers "Cartoon of the Week", this one is from before Christmas and I suspect has been around for sometime but it amused me. So thanks Chris.

Click for the full size version.

25th February
Thanks to John Picton for the information, he has been indoor flying near Oxford recently.

Click the thumb nail for his photographs.



23rd February
The March Aeromodeller is just out, another excellent edition with varied subjects. Dave Hipperson includes a double spread photo from 1983 at the inaugral Dave Baker Wakefield Day 50th Anniversary on Warwick Race Course. Is there a PMFC connection? Buy the Aeromodeller for the whole picture and full story.

21st February
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs - free flight flying from last season.

19th February
The PMFC Committee have Flying Aces 2018 well in hand and Brian W has produced a "flyer", click the thumb nail for your version.

Note the date, Sunday, 9th September, 2018, a week later than normal as Ferry Meadows are celebrating their 40th Birthday the previous weekend.


17th February
Alex Whittaker in his Weekenders column, from February 2018 RCM&E, chats about the Bowden contest and used some photographs from his archives. Click to see the PMFC connection.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

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